Weekly Tuition

Full Time (4+days or 30+ hours)

  • Little Lambs: Age 6 weeks to 12 months – $265/wk
  • Cuddly Bears: Age 12 months to 24 months – $240/wk
  • Leap Frogs: Age 2 – 3 years – $235 / wk
  • Chillin’ Cheetahs: – $ 220/wk
  • Brave Lions:  Age 3-4 years – $210/wk
  • Talented Tigers: Age 4.5 – 6(Kindergarten Eligible) – $210 / wk
  • Latch Key (K-6th grade)
    • (private busing may be available if we have space for only Meadowvale and Silvercreek (WLS) $20 / wk fee per child)
    • Full Time AM and PM- $131/wk
    • Part-time AM or PM- $100/wk
  • Summer Camp (1st -7th grade) – $187/wk with fees for field trips as needed
    • (Fees are different each summer depending on schedule)


  • Bussing Fee: $20/wk per child
  • Daily rate: $50
  • Summer Camp Fee: $50 per child
    • Summer Bussing: $25
  • Field Trip Fees: varies
  • Bounce Check Fee: $35 + associated bank fees
  • Materials Fees: $15 (if needed)
  • JFS missed T.A.Ps
    • $5 per child & per transaction
  • Absent Fee: $50/day (JFS)
  • Late Drop off Fee: $15 per child
  • Late Pick Up Fee: $10 per child for first 9 minutes. $1 per minute per child after 9 min.
  • Late Payment Fee:
    • 1ST – $25 PER family
    • Additional times – $25 per child
  • Registration Fee:
    • $50 per child
    • $20 each additional child
    • (non-refundable) for private pay families.
    • Due at time of enrollment!   *All children enrolling must have updated shot records & medical forms.*


Discounts are only applicable to the original price, not to be combined unless under Administrator discretion.  Any discounts or special offers are subject to change or removal without notice. Any discounts or special offers are only valid for that school year August – May and may or may not be continued the next school year or through the summer. A written fee contract and understanding is required every year to retain the discount. Any families using discounts or special offers are under strict discretion due to the sensitivity of financial matters. Please talk to our team at registration about your families’ needs. Part time rates are already discounted and do not get an additional discount. *Multiple discounts are not possible*.

Part Time (2 days / 20 hours)

Part Time (3 days / 30 hours)

Subject to availability, can change depending upon current enrollment. 

  • **Not available for children under 2**
  • Tuition = $100/wk
  •  i.e. Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • no more than 20 hrs

Subject to availability, can change depending upon current enrollment.

  • **Not available for children under 2**
  • Tuition=$150/wk
  • i.e. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
  • no more than 30 hrs
  • Autopay Discount: families that chose autopay for their account billing can be eligible for a discount on tuition for that.
    • $5 discount off one child’s tuition (must have autopay selected as payment option. After 2 weeks of autopay being turned off or not reactivated your discount will no longer be applied. ) 
  • Civil Servant Discount: We offer our families with a custodial parent/guardian that is a civil servant and can provide qualifying identification for: Government employees at local or federal level, Social Workers, Police Officers, Sheriffs, Firefighters, Medical / Nursing staff.
    • $10 discount.
  • Teachers
    • $10 discount
    • No holding fee / tuition during summer break (with a non refundable deposit that is used as your first week’s tuition back in the fall).
  • GM & Jeep Discount: We offer our families with a custodial parent/guardian that is a GM or Jeep worker
    • $10 discount.
  • Military Discount: We appreciate everything that you do for us and our country. We offer our families with a custodial parent/guardian that is a veteran or active military.
    • $15 discount
  • Multiple Child Discount: If there are 2 or more children from the same family, a discount will be given for each additional child.  (i.e. – You have three children and you will receive $20 off your tuition total weekly while all children are in weekly attendance.)
    • $10.00 per