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Fall Programing: 

Can you believe that summer is almost over? Time to call in and make sure your spot is reserved for the school year. Please call us at 419 -471-9914 or you can email us at (subject line: Fall Registration) 

Annual Paperwork

Parents expect to update your annual paperwork at the beginning of August for the next school year.


Parent Participation

Parents are encouraged to participate whenever possible in the activities at the center. Parents have unlimited access to all areas of the building used for child care during the hours of operation. Parents may wish to attend field trips, class parties, and special luncheons or simply stop in to join the daily fun. Teachers are available to discuss a child’s progress or needs at any time. However, due to staff responsibilities and schedules, parents are asked to make appointments with staff when it is necessary to engage in any lengthy conversations. Teachers want to be able to focus on you and your child at these times.

If parents have any concerns or questions at any time it is recommended that the following chain of command be used until an answer or solution is found.

  1. Talk to child’s teacher

  2. Talk to the Administrator

  3. Fill out a Grievance Form

  4. Noah’s Ark Governing Board will contact you regarding the Grievance Form

Employees with concerns are asked to follow the same chain of command, starting with the administrator.

Please feel free to bring concerns up when they occur. Often they can be addressed when they are little problems, before they grow into bigger problems. Our staff members fully realize that you are trusting us with your little ones and we want our relationship to be a good one.

Developmental Screenings

    As a participant in the Step Up to Quality Program, all children enrolled at Noah’s Ark ages birth to 5 must be screened within 60 days of enrollment and annually thereafter. At time of enrollment, parents/guardians are required to fill out the Ages & Stages and Ages & Stages: Social Emotional questionnaires and return them by the date stated on the front of the questionnaires. Annual screens will be conducted within the child’s birth month near their birth date.

    Results of the developmental screenings will be provided to the parent/guardian. If the screens indicate possible concerns about a child’s development, a referral will be made. Children Birth to 3 will be referred to Help Me Grow. Children 3 to 5 will be referred to the Educational Services of the child’s school district. 


Curriculum & Instructional Program

Noah’s Ark Child Development Center uses the Creative Curriculum along with a daily emphasis on biblical teaching and principles. The Creative Curriculum uses exploration and discovery as a way of learning. Children’s exploration and investigation of the world around them enables children to develop confidence, creativity and lifelong critical thinking skills. Daily routines and meaningful experiences help teacher’s respond to children’s strengths, interests and needs.

The Creative Curriculum has 38 objectives for development and learning that align with Ohio’s Early Learning and Development Standards.

The Staff at Noah’s Ark share God’s love with the children. They introduce each child to the Bible through bible stories and bible songs. Staff teach children to talk to God through prayer and show God’s love to others through sharing, being kind to one another, and missions.