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Fall Programing: 

Can you believe that summer is almost over? Time to call in and make sure your spot is reserved for the school year. Please call us at 419 -471-9914 or you can email us at (subject line: Fall Registration) 

Annual Paperwork

Parents expect to update your annual paperwork at the beginning of August for the next school year.


State of the Art Security System!


Our 24-hour security alarm provides a safe place for your kids!



You will feel comfortable knowing that there are only 3 ways to get into the building:

  1. Swiping your key card 
  2. Entering you key code
  3. Ringing the bell to be let in

Parents are assigned their own swipe card  or code when their child is registered.

A Secure Swipe Card!

  • Every code is officially registered to each family. This information is kept on electronic file with the name of the parent.
  • Every card is officially registered to designated adults; This information is kept on electronic file with the name of the cardholder.
  • No words are written on the key card, so anyone finding the card would know neither the card owner nor the building for which the card is used!
  • If a card is lost or stolen, it will be deactivated the moment it is reported missing.
  • This secure location allows cards and codes to only be active on weekdays from 6am-6pm.