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Fall Programing: 

Can you believe that summer is almost over? Time to call in and make sure your spot is reserved for the school year. Please call us at 419 -471-9914 or you can email us at (subject line: Fall Registration) 

Annual Paperwork

Parents expect to update your annual paperwork at the beginning of August for the next school year.


Little Lambs - Infants

Children 6 weeks to 18 months

Our Infant program provides an educational, nurturing environment designed to stimulate your baby's curiosity and development. We use  safe, age-appropriate toys chosen specifically to meet an infant's unique developmental needs. Each infant is provided individual attention through rocking, holding, playing and conversations. Our caregivers work with families to meet the individual needs of each baby and develop a schedule based on infant's needs and family goals.

Scheduled activities are performed every day, for example:

  • "floor time" for developing gross motors skills - crawling, rolling over, and sitting up!
  • "finger time" for developing fine motor skills - pincer reflex, eye-hand coordination!
  • "book time" for developing cognitive skills - thinking, listening, and associating!
  • "outdoor time" for fresh air and change of environment during the warmer months!
  • "sleepy time" for necessary rest time!

Christian music can be heard throughout the day in our Infant room. We feel that introducing the name of Jesus, even at this young age, is so important in the character development of children. Research suggests  the first 5 years of life are crucial stepping stones to the adult life by shaping the belief system and decision making abilities.